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Yearly Archives: 2012

19 November 2012

5 Skills of a Successful Project Manager

The job of an IT project manager is not an easy one. Their skill set needs to include both the technical and the management capabilities, to ensure smooth running of the project. The technical competency of an IT project manager is usually a given. However, besides that, a broad overview and strong leadership skills are …

19 September 2012
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How to measure the value of your IT consultant

There is no other option today than to use a technical infrastructure for your business. Whether you choose to build an entire IT department, or just use an occasional outside consultant, your business needs this unit in order to function. The purpose of the IT industry, as we know, is to increase the employees’ productivity …

2 August 2012

Cloud computing: a handful of benefits

With the constant development of the cloud computing offer, more and more small businesses are jumping on the wagon. Has your organization made the move yet? If not, we offer you a few reasons why we think cloud computing is beneficial for SMBs. Firstly, by using cloud computing you have no need to invest in expensive …

6 July 2012

How to avoid technology mistakes in your office

Small businesses usually have a different approach to technology than bigger companies. They somehow don’t see it as important, using IT only as a secondary tool in their daily work. Of course, it doesn’t help that technology is expensive. Small businesses don’t want to spend a lot of money on “unproductive” stuff, but with this …

21 June 2012

The new Surface tablet pushes innovation further

Microsoft announced this week the surprise release of its newest product, the Surface. Highly acclaimed as one of the most important innovative moves of the company, the Surface is a direct competitor to Apple’s iPad. The tablet comes in two versions, one for Windows RT system and the Pro, for Windows 8. They are both similar …

29 May 2012

Can technology make us happier?

Nowadays, when talking about technology, almost everyone thinks either of the cool iGadgets or of the entertaining apps available on everyone?s smartphones. Due to technology, we have become so dependent on the influx of information and fun, that many people rarely take a 10-minute metro ride without searching for ways of being entertained. Their technology …