Microsoft announced this week the surprise release of its newest product, the Surface. Highly acclaimed as one of the most important innovative moves of the company, the Surface is a direct competitor to Apple’s iPad.

Photo source: Microsoft Corporation

The tablet comes in two versions, one for Windows RT system and the Pro, for Windows 8. They are both similar in size and features, and they will be available starting with this fall. A major competitive feature, compared with the iPad and Android-based tablets, is the USB port integrated. The new tablet from Windows seems to be more fit for the business sector, as it has a built-in stand, suitable for office work, and a screen-cover that works as keyboard.

The new Surface tablet has been called from its launch on Monday evening an iPad wannabe, or Apple follower, but don’t all tech advances build on the previously launched competitor products?

The media and the public opinion are inevitably making comparisons with the other tablet devices available on the market, measuring resemblances and differences. There are the Apple advocates who don’t even consider another product, and then there are the consumers open to technology. These will consider at least testing it. Social media uncovers personal concerns of the public. They wonder whether the tablet will support the apps and games they are interested in. Will it crash fast? What will the battery life be if I play a full session of my favorite game on it?

What is clear is that Microsoft’s launch, besides stirring the competition and the technology world, is a step forward in innovation. Exploring creative ways and using technology to create better products. This is the positive effect of competition: pushing innovation forward. Even if at company level it is done for the financial gain and market position, the masses also benefit from the advancement of technology.

Do you have a favorite innovative tech product that helps you, in your day to day life?

Written by: Monica Nastase.